Facility Management on locatie

Van Lienden can assist you in strategic planning and business relocation.
Van Lienden has had more than 20 years of successful operation in the field of Facility Management.

Customer satifaction

Our future depends on how well we listen to and advies our clients. We are proactive, careful and hardworking. We committed to our clients and offer expert knowledge and practical solutions


Honesty, fairness, respect and safety are of great importance to us. These values ensure a lasting relationship with our customers.


All products, services and activities have an impact on our environment.
We encourage efficient use of resources and work with you to reduce wastage. Respect for the environment and sustainability are important elements in our corporate vision.

Relevant advice

We work alongside your corporate culture to give appropriate and relevant solutions.


Change is not always a good thing. We monitor what is working well and produce new solutions where necessary.