Normbedragen IND 2019

Highly skilled migrants and European Blue Card

The income requirement only involves the wage amount that is set out in the contract expressed in money. Holiday allowance does not count towards the income requirement. A highly skilled migrant can off course still receive a holiday allowance.

Highly skilled migrants 30 years or older

  • € 4.612 gross per month

Highly skilled migrants younger than 30 years

  • € 3.381 gross per month

Highly skilled migrants following an orientation year for highly educated persons having graduated, having completed a doctoral programme or scientific research*

  • € 2.423 gross per month

European Blue Card holders

  • € 5.403 gross per month

* the lower amount for highly skilled migrant applies to you when you meet the conditions for the granting of a residence permit ‘looking for a job after study, promotion or research’. This means that the lower amount does not apply anymore once you have had a residence permit to look for a job and you did not apply for a residence permit highly skilled migrant immediately following the search year.